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Keith is the Principal and CEO of Underwood & Associates, Inc. He has more than 30 years of experience creating methods and techniques to restore watershed ecosystems. He is recognized for his innovative talent in reconnecting upland developed areas to estuarine ecosystems such as the Chesapeake Bay. Keith is known as the primary regional and national leader in the design and construction of sand seepage wetlands, regenerative stream channels, coastal plain outfall systems, and holistic approaches to site specific stormwater discharges. He is an expert in plants native to the Mid-Atlantic Region and specifically in the Coastal Plain Physiographic Region and specializes in Atlantic White Cedar and pitcher plants. Through his many years of restoration work he has forged partnerships with nonprofit organizations, government organizations, scientists and researchers, & the regulatory community.

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From contract award through final construction, Chris is involved with the planning, design, permitting, and construction of ecosystem restoration projects to ensure true ecological restoration is achieved. He collaborates with clients, inspectors, project partners, and all staff to ensure expectations are met and the restoration effort is resilient over time.

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Born and raised on the Back River of the Chesapeake Bay, Keith Pivonski (KP) started at U&A while still taking classes at University of Maryland - College Park in 2013. As a highly motivated intern KP became enamored by Keith Underwood's uncanny ability to build and mimic natural systems with rare & endangered plants. Keith was promoted to Construction Foreman in 2014 after displaying a high aptitude for problem solving and strong client relationships. By 2016 Keith was promoted to Construction Manager overseeing a variety of projects including Dam Decomissions, Pond Retrofits, Outfall Stabilization, Stream Restoration & Living Shorelines.  With over 80 unique restoration projects under his belt, Keith was promoted to Partner in the Summer of 2020 after celebrating 7+ years with Underwood & Associates. When not at work, KP can be found hiking & exploring National Parks & Forests abound

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Keith is the lead designer for Underwood & Associates and has significant experience in designing, engineering, and permitting stormwater management, outfall restoration, stream restoration, and living shoreline projects.  Keith uses Underwood & Associates’ Regenerative Design philosophy to design Regenerative Stream Channel (RSC), Step-Pool Stormwater Conveyance (SPSC), Dynamic Living Shoreline (DLS) projects, and others.   Keith is a formally trained watershed scientist and is capable of providing the wide range of habitat assessments, site surveys, design plans, engineering analyses, and permitting services necessary to progress a project from conceptual to fully permitted. His skills include Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) assessment and analysis, hydrologic and hydraulic numerical modelling programs, ecological uplift projections, and TMDL nutrient load reduction calculations.

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Operations Manager

A skilled professional with 20 years’ experience in administration, organization, marketing, business development, and project management, Heather has provided Contract and Project Management in support of all Underwood & Associates, Inc. projects since 2011. She is adept at balancing multiple projects and ensuring that our team meets deadlines. Heather leads the team in proposal development and manages human resources while overseeing the myriad day-to-day tasks necessary of a successful design/build firm.

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